Regarding the stories about FWBs, i also have a personal story to share. I am not ashamed to admit that i have a FWB since secondary 1. I mean this is really a personal decision and i dont think it is fair to judge me, after all what i did never hurt anyone.

When i was in secondary 1, i sat beside this boy in english class. He was a cute but naughty boy who never did his homework, while i was the teacher’s pet aka class nerd. We used to fight alot, but after he protected me from the class bully, i start to grow fond of him. After that, Despite our differences, we would talk and play together everyday. One day i invited him to my house for our english project when my parents were out. We were both playing and idk how we both ended up lying on my bed.

Then suddenly he turned to me with a serious face and asked if i could help him. “Help you with what” i asked. “Im so embarrased to ask this of you, but i just cannot control myself. Do you mind being fwbs?” He replied. At first i was quite shocked and hesistant, but he was sincere and i had a crush on him, so i said yes.

So we were friends with benefits for the next 2 and a half years. I would provide him benefits by letting him copy my homework because he could not control his video gaming urges. Sometimes i even let him copy my answers during exams. In return he provide me benefits by treating me fishball noodles from the school canteen and buying me orange juice.

I understand many of you judge me and disagree with my fwb relationship. Because if i always help him with his homework, he can never improve. But in the end he got good results and managed to go into a good jc. So please do not judge people with fwbs, it is a personal decision and i’ll live the way i want it.

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