Again, commuters were affected by train delays on the East-West Line this morning since 6am. According to SMRT, delays between Tampines and Pasir Ris stations were due to a track point fault and had nothing to do with the new signalling system. Ok can.

SMRT informed passengers to expect a 30 minute delay at 6am. It later tweeted that train services are progressively restored and told commuters to expect a 10 minute delay.

This comes on the very first day of PSLE when Pri 6 students are supposed to sit for their English exams. The MOE has announced that those affected by delays must inform their schools ASAP “and go to their exam centre before the end of the paper to sit for the exams. Full paper duration would be given. No excuse letter from the train station is required”.

In the meantime, people continue to complain that the delay was longer than what was reported and asked why free bus bridging services were only offered at Tampines and Pasir Ris stations.

Thank you SMRT for never failing to surprise us!

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