Are there any or fully Prohibition Smoking on Public Sheltered Air-Conditional Places in Singapore?

If yes, how come Singapore which “both CASINOS” allowing all types of people to smoke inside Air-conditional Areas? Especially Double Standards on pubs and disco?

There are thousands of people working in such smoking areas which most of them are suffering from 2nd hand smoke which are not healthy at all. Some staff even died on lung cancer due to such bad environment. Since Government prohibits and banned smoking inside air-conditional places, sheltered bus stops, overhead bridges, parks, reservoirs, why not prohibits smoking from CASINOS as well?

Spotted lots of foreigners brought and smoke contra-band cigarettes. Wonder how they managed to bring those stuff into Singapore? If government wanted to prohibit or ban smoking on such areas, please make sure prohibits kicks in everywhere which was stated.

Please help to publish this issue and ask why having double standards on prohibit smoking on such areas? Health Concern for those innocent people who are working in the casinos. Appreciate and Thanks.

Angry Smoker
A.S.S. Contributor

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