The owner of a controversial Muslim-only launderette has received an ultimatum from the Sultan of Johor, Sultan Ibrahim Ibni Almarhum Saltan Iskandar: Either open up to all races or close down, the Sultan said.

“I cannot accept this nonsense. This is Johor, which belongs to Bangsa Johor and it belongs to all races and faiths. This is a progressive, modern and moderate state,” the Sultan told The Star newspaper.

“This is not a Taliban state and as the Head of Islam in Johor, I find this action to be totally unacceptable as this is extremist in nature.”

The launderette has thus far stood by the use of a sign saying it is open to Muslim customers only due to “cleanliness” factor.

The Sultan has ordered religious authorities in the state to investiigate the matter and even posted a photo of the banner on Instagram with the caption, “Is t his for real? I’m appalled”.

The Sultan also ordered the owner of the launderette to issue an apology to him and the people of Johor.

“The owner has gone against the vision of a united, harmonious, moderate and tolerant Johor. If he still insists on carrying on the Muslim-only practice, he can leave Johor. I suggest he set up shop in Afghanistan. His thinking is sick and goes against everything that Johor stands for,” said the Sultan.

After the controversy erupted, the launderette has changed its sign to “Muslim-friendly”, but this too attracted a no-nonsense retort from the Sultan.

“Don’t try to be clever. It’s still the same. The owner needs to have his brains cleaned up.”

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