A netizen with an all-too familiar problem has poured out her woes on a popular online forum seeking advice.

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“Am currently a year 2 Banking student in poly, but my GPA is stuck at 2. With grades like this, it’s impossible to enter local or private Us for that matter, I am letting down my family, and dragging my reputation through the dirt. Banking Diploma was chosen by my parents while history is my true passion, but there are no history related diplomas in Polys nor is it something my family approves of (ideology that arts & humanities are to be looked down upon). Even though i was doing reasonably well in secondary, I have failed miserably in poly.

With a GPA like this, is it possible to enter the banking industry, favorably back office? or even pursue a future in education? I know my strengths aren’t in maths or finance related. Entering Y3 seems like the last hope in my schooling years, or in anything else.

If I don’t do well, and have to remod, I must. I cannot graduate without enough module credits. If I fail a remod, I will have to drop out of school according to my teacher.

Both my parents are degree/master holders in Engineering/Medicine. It’s one thing I’m doing badly, but not being able to enter Uni seems like the end of my life in Singapore. Right now I’m finding a way to become an educator despite my sad GPA, because I am strong in English, Literature and History. But then again, I need a degree in those too to teach them……

My school have internships in my last year of poly, but what I’ve heard from seniors, those with lower GPA like mine aren’t put to do actually work that let’s you learn what’s it’s like to work in a bank. For example, high achievers are sent to Bloomberg or top Banks to learn in how it works in office. Even though it may be menial tasks, but it looks darn good on resumes.

But for me I’d probably end up doing road shows, those people that annoy you outside the mrt to buy their company’s insurance.

I have read business books like crazy, studied with those stellar students(but what they understand in minutes takes me hours on end), did practice papers, attended external talks, and quite a bit of consultation with teachers. Doesn’t help that i cant find them most of the time…”

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