The Singapore Management University (SMU) sent an email to its students on Monday promoting discounts on condoms, which led several students to do a double take when they read their emails.

According to the SMU spokesperson, the email had been sent out in error by the SMU Students’ Association (SMUSA) at 9.08PM. The email allegedly offered undergraduates exclusive 10% discounts on condoms from condom store Happy Mail. The condom brands offered were Okamoto and Durex.

The email was followed by an apology from Bizcom, the busness development arm of SMUSA, an hour later at 10.07PM, which retracted the discount email.

“We hereby apologise for the mistake in sending out the previous e-mails and are deeply sorry for any inconvenience caused,” wrote Bizcom.

“SMU has rules in place prohibiting the dissemination of mailers by certain companies, including those selling alcohol, tobacco and condoms,” the spokesperson wrote.

“In this case, a newer member of Bizcom did not read the rules carefully before issuing the mailer. The president of Bizcom immediately tried to recall the mailer but was unsuccessful.”

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