A low-waged worker in retail sales receives this shocking Workfare statement of only $10 in cash and another $10 in CPF contribution. Its a monthly incentive pay-out for the whole year for low-waged workers call Workfare.

The person earns a basic salary of $1100 after working for 6 years in the company. He also receives commission based on his sales performance each month though it varies. He started out with $950 and after 6 years, his basic pay is only $1100 – an increase of about $150 or $25 per year of wage increment.

We are not declaring the company’s name for fear that the worker may be fired.

Workfare is a salary supplement incentive meant for the low-waged income earners. They are given to those who earn $1900/month and below and must be aged above 35 years old.

They must have work at least 2 out of 3 months to qualify for that quarterly tranche.

Our low-waged workers suffer from a stagnated salary package and an ever-rising cost of living expenses making life unbearable for those who could not make ends meet. For those who need to provide for the family, many simply live from hand to mouth and many bills are often left unpaid or partially paid.

A significant proportion of these low-waged workers suffer from black-out when their Pay U power meter reaches zero value or their water supply is reduced due to the lack of money to pay essential bills.

There is no dignity left for our poor as even the inability to pay town council bills can send you straight to prison!

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