A netizen has shared this funny experience about his Grab Driver, who drove to a coffee shop near Block 319, Ang Mo Kio Avenue 1 and rushed off to go to the toilet for 5 minutes.

According to the netizen, he gave the driver a 1-star rating.

The driver had allegedly picked the netizen up before parking his car in front of a row of parked cars before telling the netizen that he needed 5 minutes to go toilet.

Before the netizen could protest, the driver had already rushed out to the toilet. He had even left his keys in the ignition with the engine running.

The netizen added that a taxi that the car was parked in front of could not move off because of the Grab driver’s abrupt departure.

The netizen said: “I think that this is not right. What if I had to get somewhere urgently? If I was a bad person I could have just driven off with his car. When he returned, he didn’t say anything and just drove off.”

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