Here’s an unpopular opinion: Safety is Boring.

It so boring that I signed a scholarship which also secured me a job when I was barely into my 2nd year here. I’ll never get to experience the whole fresh-grad-job-hunting phase. I dont get to go for interviews and submit resumes (I’ve never even made a resume/CV before). I don’t get to compare different job offers and decide which I want or what’s best for me.

Some people dread it but I love that feeling; to put yourself out there and prove yourself to potential employers. To validate your 16+ years of education. You could say that I could experience all that when my bond ends and I leave the company but let’s not kid ourselves, we all know the experience won’t be the same anymore.

Instead all I get is a road that was laid out 3 years ago with 0 uncertainty and no thrill. Now I’m in year 4 and my friends are all going for job fairs and getting called up for interviews and I’m just like “I could get a D for FYP and my starting pay wouldn’t change”.

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