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I was at the International Plaza at level #06-14 yesterday at 4 pm. To do my Sing Pass, however, the staff at the counter number 6, do not have any customer service at all and were not friendly and not being professional. Our government appoint one key to assist in 2FA additional security measure for Sing Pass. Therefore, I need to have the token -one key, in order to access the SingPass.

Due some ‘idiot’ who has spoilt the market hack into the system and sold our SingPass to other countries. We were actually very safe and it has been for many years, no need to change our passwords. The staff at the counter number 6, initially did not want to give me the token, saying I already did my 2FA, so there is no need for me at all. Then, not only the staff, another staff beside also join too saying you must have a good reason to have the token.

I was shocked how they can simply ‘chase customer away’. I feel that this is not the way to treat us – as a human being. Goodness sake, we actually hold Singapore Pink NRIC, unlike any others FT. We deserve more respect. I hope something must be done to correct this kind of attitude & poor service.

Credit: Raven Hew

A.S.S. Contributor

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