Netizens have been complaining about visible blue dyes on vegetables they bought from NTUC.

How did that come from? Is it still safe to eat? Better be careful sia.

“NTUC fairprice, I usually buy produce from you as one of my trusted food sources. But while I was prepping my meal, I notice these blue dots, pellets on a few bunches of Japanese Greens I purchased from you. It’s not just on the surface of the leaf but leached into the vanes of the vegetable as well. What is it? Dye/colouring, or pesticide?”

“Be aware! This morning went NTUC with hubby for marketing. Discovered this Shanghai Green have some colour substance, hubby say it seems like a kind of colour chemical tinggi for making the veggie looks more greenery. Omg, always saw this kind of news happen in China & Taiwan, didn’t expect to buy this in Singapore NTUC……”

“Again I saw the blue stuff in the Japanese green!”

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