After watching today’s Channel 8 news reminds me of my father’s complaints to our Town Council – Kallang/Whampoa (Jalan Besar GRC) for the past 10 years about our block’s rooftop – Blk 40 Sims Drive, that is filled with many bird’s feathers and bird droppings (the brown lines on the wall in the pictures that was taken a few days ago).

Although the Town Council tried to block the big entrance of the root top but there are still many different openings of the rooftop that is accessible for these birds to enter in.

We hope that the MP and town council understand our frustrations (even though we complain about it many times):

1. Birds feathers can be found in all our rooms and the living rooms at times – it can even be found on our beds as well.

2. There are black colored matters (we suspect is the bird droppings) can be seen on the rooftop ledge that is outside our windows. We believe that the rain washes it down.

3. The bird droppings and feathers can also be found on the ladder that is right beside my house door and gate after people accessing the rooftop.
Sometimes we even have to clean it ourselves too.

I hope that the Town Council can do something about this, such as cleaning up the rooftop, sealing the different possible entrance for the birds to enter in and etc, as we have lodged many complaints to the Town Council and the MP (during the meet the people session especially during the election period).

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