Witnessed self entitlement of some youths today at Starbucks.

I was there having lunch for almost an hour and half and 2 teenage students sat at a table for an hour studying without buying any drinks and they had the audacity to decide to just leave their messy stuff on the table to hog the space and power point to stroll over to a nearby shop to buy snacks!

They disappeared for a good half hour and when they returned they were told (very nicely) by a staff that they cannot leave their stuff at a table for so long.

The garang female student expressed mock surprise “Oh really? Cannot leave anything at all?” They were unrepentant and sat right back down.

It was only after the staff spoke to them that they sauntered in to buy a drink.

How selfish and self entitled. Hoi Starbucks is not your home ok? #selfishyouths #selfentitlement

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