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A 48 year old man was arrested after he started throwing things down his 6th storey HDB block in Bukit Panjang after a quarrel with his wife last evening. The incident occurred at Block 274, Bangkit Road, around 5.30pm, and among the items thrown were a knife and a small statue from a praying altar.

An item the man had thrown struck the windscreen of a car at the open-air carpark and shattered the windscreen. Police, who were called in at about 5:34 pm, arrested the man for the rash acts. The owner of the car, 56-year-old hawker Zhang Guoliang, said that he had returned from a short trip to a minimart nearby to find the shattered windscreen.

Mr Zhang said a woman from the sixth floor came down and apologised to him but said she was unable to compensate him. Neighbours said they have heard the couple quarreling before.

Police investigations are still ongoing.

Lionel Tan

A.S.S. Contributor

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