Myint’s employer did not report his work place injury when a forklift wheel fell on his right foot, causing 4 bones in his foot to fracture into 7 pieces. Instead, Myint was repatriated to Myanmar and deceived into thinking that his treatment would be sponsored and the company would pursue compensation for his injury. When he returned to Singapore to seek redress and further treatment, his employer ignored him and refused to pay. HOME decided to sponsor his follow-up surgery first, as his wounds were at risk of infection, and treatment could no longer be delayed.

When the claim for work injury compensation was finally filed, he wasn’t granted the right by MOM to remain in Singapore, and hence the company was not obliged to provide for his accommodation and food. HOME staff and volunteers supported his stay by applying to the Immigration authorities as his sponsor. We felt it was important for him to remain because treatment in Myanmar was expensive as his employer was not required to pay for costs incurred there. He would also have to return to Singapore at his own expense for his work injury assessment.

HOME felt that MYINT’S company should be held accountable for the wellbeing of its workers. We appealed to MOM to let him stay and we succeeded. It was also decided that the employer would be responsible for his food and accommodation while he was here. HOME has further assisted him to file another complaint for unfair dismissal but his employer has not responded. Hopefully, Myint gets a positive outcome.

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