A netizen spotted this fake news article, which claimed that Singaporean ISIS fighter Megat Shahdan Abdul Samad was spotted lurking around in Tampines.

Read his account here.

“I saw this news report about the Singaporean who went ISIS and claim that he is in Tampines!! They claim that he is dangerous and police are asking the public not to approach him!

I don’t know whether it is true as yesterday I read the news that he is still in Syria. What is the intention of this fake news from the website?”

Editor’s Note: It was reported in the news yesterday that Home Affairs Minister K. Shanmugam issued a statement confirming that Megat Shahdan is still believed to be in Syria, not in Tampines.

Megat Shahdan left Singapore in 2014 to work in the Middle East, where he is believed to have been radicalised, the ministry said in its statement.

“He subsequently made his way to Syria to join ISIS’ ranks. He is believed to still be with ISIS in Syria.”

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