Dear A.S.S. Editors

Why is it that carparks in Singapore is allowed to charge an amount after you have no choice but to drive through the gantry? Many carparks in Singapore either do not display their fees prominently or place their signs in such a way that the driver has no means to avoid going through the toll gantry after they have seen the fees.

The worst carparks are those that do not have a “grace period”. Even if there is a “grace period”, it may be rather inconvenient for the driver to exit the carpark.

Many drivers have had exorbitant fees charged to their CashCards in their in-vehicle units with no recourse. This business practice, which is prevalent in Singapore, is unfair and tantamount to ransoms being imposed on drivers.

Be honest. How many of us actually know the exact cost of the carpark charges once we drive through the gantry? This practice needs to be examined by the authorities.

Gerard Tan

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