A news report by The Independent Singapore has placed the blame for the recent burning smell affecting residents of Punggol, Sengkang, Buangkok and Pasir Ris on the nearby industries of Pasir Gudang in Malaysia.
Pasir Gudang houses a petro-chemical industrial complex about the 25% the size of Singapore which operates on a 24 hour basis.
According to report, Singapore netizens living in the north east have been complaining since 2007 about air pollution for several years now, with netizens lodging official complaints to the authorities over pungent, chemical-like odors that smell of burning plastic or petroleum wafting into their homes. Several netizens have even complained of carbon deposits accumulating on their floors, which results in a more frequent cleaning than usual.
In a statement today, the Singapore Civil Defence Force and National Environment Agency have both confirmed that there were no toxic industrial chemicals detected in the air yesterday.
To read more accounts of the air pollution problem in North East Singapore, a record of all the recent public complaints made has been published by blogger heartlandpuppy.

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