Shame on you Singapore. Your prison reflect your 3rd world status. Look at Norway.
Norway population is 5.2m roughly similar to Singapore. But it has one of the lowest number of prisoners per 100,000 cit8zens. Singapore and US has amongst the highest in the world.
I've seen pictures of Norway prison before. Looks like a university halls of residence.
When I saw this video I'm really impressed.
Even in its high security prisons for hard-core criminals, every person has his own ensuite room with proper bed, flat screen tv. 7 persons share a living room and pantry and cook their own meals. The quality of the facility is really damn top grade.
In the low security prison, they even can apply 1 week leave to leave the prison and visit family! Wife and girlfriend can come over weekend and spend the whole day with them in the room.
They even go kayaking and play frisbee..
The prison wardens don't carry weapon. When asked why don't they carry weapons and how they subdue prisoners, they say they talk to prisoners. They feel carrying weapons will increase violent incidence.
Norway authorities say they don't treat prison as punishment but rehabilitation. They treat these prisoners well because they don't want them to go back to society feeling angry. 
Really really eye opener…

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