Dear A.S.S. Editor,

To all ladies out there – BE WARNED ABOUT STEPPING INTO MILLY’S!!

I went over to their Suntec branch to try their “lash lift” at $42 (which during the process I realized it was basically just normal eyelash perming, unlike the latest lash lift out in the market) services on 20/9. I asked the therapist if the sizes of the curls were the same and she asked me if I preferred it to be more curly? I said yes sure. Otherwise what’s the use of perming the lashes if I don’t want it to be curly right? Everything was fine until the therapist applied solution on my lashes. My eyelids felt like it was burning! I told her it felt painful and I got the “huh, I never even touch your eyelids leh” kind of answer. Ok fine. I bear with it, maybe it’s just my skin that is sensitive? Although when I did lash perming couple of years ago I never seem to have this problem?

After the entire process, while the therapist was removing whatever solution that was on my eyelashes, she said the lashes are a bit “too curly”. I didn’t understand what she meant by “too curly” so I asked for a mirror. TO MY HORROR! My lashes were all MESHED UP like wires!!! The lashes were like a freaking auntie’s hair perm gone wrong! I don’t even see a curl! It was just zig zag all the way!! I was seriously so angry! How am I to walk out with the eyelashes like that?? Then they started saying because my eyelashes is short and because I REQUESTED FOR IT TO BE CURLIER?!?!! I’m like wtf?? I REQUESTED?? EVEN IF I DID, how would a “professional lash therapist” let the lashes turn out to be like that??

The best part was when they said THEY CANNOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! Seriously Milly’s, you screwed up the lash job and you tell me you can’t do anything about it?? And you think you were kind enough to tell me “we won’t charge you for today’s service”. Like seriously, you think I would even pay you a cent for this botched job?? I had to walk out of the shop with hideous lashes and I don’t even know how long I have to bear with this!! Fyi, I cannot even draw a liner or wear falsies because my lashes are all sticking like wires up at the lids fml! And by the way, the next morning when I woke up, my eyelids were swollen! Just what kind of China made lousy solution were you using that you screwed up a simple lash job?? Together with unprofessional therapist who does not know what she’s doing!! Worse experience I’ve ever had! I will warn all my friends to NEVER patronize your shop!

Last thing, I realized they DO NOT ALLOW leaving reviews on their Facebook page! Says so much about their shady business! Must have been too many bad reviews that they totally don’t allow customers leaving one! Already a bad sign!

Go into this unprofessional shop at your own risk!!

Angry consumer
A.S.S. Contributor

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