Dear A.S.S. Editor

The supposed Singapore version of the fight of the century, between Singapore Idol alumnus Sylvester Sim, and all round publicity whore, Steven Lim, is not going to happen. Sylvester had to pull out, apparently because he had run into insurance problems for the fight.

The anticipated fight was scheduled to take place this Saturday at the inaugural Asia Fighting Championship (AFC) at Marina Bay Sands. However, the organisers declared that Sylvester had insufficient insurance coverage provided, and faced restrictions on increased coverage as stipulated by the insurance companies.

The withdrawal decision was taken after careful considerations of the potential risks involved and ensuring Sylvester’s safety and well-being, which is of paramount importance. They did say, however, that World Bodybuilding & Physique Sports Federation (WBPF) president Pradip Subramanian will take over Sylvester’s place. So, this means if you still want to see Steven Lim gets punched in the face, then tomorrow is still the day for that to happen.

Benny Zheng

A.S.S. Contributor

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