Hi A.S.S.,

I want to share with your readers about my dissatisfaction with learning driving at Singapore Safety Driving Centre (SSDC) with the hope that future learners will decide whether the school is suitable for them.

Unlike the other two driving schools – Bukit Batok Driving Centre (BBDC) and ComfortDelgro Driving Centre (CDC) – SSDC has three different circuits but only the one at level 1 is used for the Traffic Police Driving Test.

Students at the other two schools have the advantage of familiarizing themselves with their own test circuit as they keep using that same circuit throughout their lessons, which averaged about 15 – 25. SSDC, on the other hand, at least in my experience, rarely lets students use their test circuit since I was told that students on test have priorities. I managed to use it one third of the time only.

As the circuit is significantly different from those at level 3 and 5, this means that students who are unfamiliar with level 1’s circuit are put at a disadvantage. This is very important because apart from the need to familiarize with each circuit station’s location – in order to know where to stop and wait – there is a road marking that caught me by surprised. As a result, I made a wrong turn, which would result in an immediate failure if made during the test.

I do not know whether it is the centre’s policy or just that some of the instructors that I had could not be bothered with the hassle since they would have to pay more attention to their surroundings.

Considering that I enrolled in a school in order to have access to the actual test circuit, it seems that it would have been cheaper and better off learning with a Private Driving Instructor.

Future learners might want to take this into account.

Angry Learner
A.S.S. Contributor

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