12 kidnapping suspects were arrested at several locations in Johor Baru by Malaysian police this month, however one of them turned out to be a female auxiliary police officer in Singapore!

The suspects had kidnapped a 17 year-old teenager in Penang before demanding a ransom of RM3 million ($965,680). The victim, the son of a business man, was taken from his house in Taiping at 8PM on 2 September.

The father lodged a police report the same day. After negotiations, the kidnappers agreed to lower the amount to RM300,000.

The businessman was instructed to bring the cash to a location in Johor Baru on 5 September.

When the cash was delivered, police seized 8 suspects at 6 locations on the same day. The next day, 2 more suspects were picked up.

Malaysian police recovered RM175,400 from the suspects.

They also found the victim in a car with 2 of his kidnappers in Penang at 10.30PM, blindfolded and tied but not injured. The 2 suspects were also arrested.

After questioning, 5 of the suspects have been released on bail.

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