Our family’s world came down crashing on Wednesday 13th September when we heard about my brother Thomas collapsing while on duty due to a heart attack. At 9:20 pm on Wednesday, Thomas was on his usual patrol when he felt breathless. He approached his friends who took him to A&E and soon after he collapsed from heart attack. Thomas has been in ICU and on ventilator since Wednesday.

Thomas is a 55 year old Singaporean who works as a security officer at Gleneagles Hospital. He is described as friendly, pleasant and simple by everyone who knows him. A few years back he was even awarded the most gracious staff award at the hospital for his friendly demeanor.

Thomas is fighting for his life and needs your prayers to make through this difficult time. We have been told by the doctor that his chance of survival is decreasing with each passing day and he needs to undergo an operation as soon as possible.

We have been trying to get him transferred to SGH where the cost will be lower however the efforts have not been successful as there isn’t an ICU slot available and it will be risky to keep waiting any longer. Therefore we have no choice but to go ahead with operation at Gleneagles.

The medial costs have already picked up to S$ 40K so far and the estimated costs of operation is S$ 100K. Our family doesn’t have the means to afford such medical expenses as I am a security guard and my other two brothers are in ordinary jobs like driving and security.

We are pleading for your help in supporting Thomas through this difficult times. Every dollar you donate counts. We are very grateful for your support and generosity. Please keep Thomas in your thoughts and prayers. He will be going though an operation tomorrow morning and if his situation worsens, the doctors might need to operate today itself since we have been told that the infection is growing.

We need your support to pay the S$ 40K medical bill and subsequent operation costs which is estimated to be S$ 100K. Thank you so much for helping our brother Thomas fight for his life.

Daniel Lukose

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