Dear Editors,

Any of us were stuck in a massive traffic jam this morning because of an overturned tipper truck along PIE and it’s time for the authorities to do something about it, no point charging or jailing all these heavy vehicles
drivers because either they are foreigners or they have many better jobs outside, so a revocation of their license and jail term doesn’t matter to them.

I suggest the authorities to look into the following measures:

Please ban heavy vehicles from Singapore Roads at all times because with so many cars on the roads now, heavy vehicles only pose a great hazard to motorists.

Also, if possible, restrict the timing on heavy vehicles plying the roads, thy should not be in the roads during peak hours and at night, this is because during night time, traffic is light and visibility is poor so it’s higher chance that accidents may occur.

Implement a strict regimentation that all heavy vehicles must be registered and given a permit before going out on the roads on a daily basis, with escort, this is to ensure and also enhance safety.

Also, the moment a heavy vehicle gets into an accident, jail the driver and owner until they clear their name.

LTA and Traffic Police, please look into this, before more inconvenience and death on the roads.

A.S.S. Contributor

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