Singapore has been pinpointed as the country launching the most cyber attacks globally, outstripping larger superpowers US, Russia and China, according to data from Israeli data security firm Check Point Software Technologies.

Singapore rose to pole position after ranking within the top 5 attacking countries over the past 2 weeks.

Check Point’s spokesperson said: “It is not particularly unusual for Singapore to be featured among the top attacking countries.”

Singapore is a key technology hub with most of the traffic flowing through Singapore coming from other countries in the region. A cyber attack launched from Singapore may not originate from Singapore itself, but from other countries making use of Singapore as a “gateway for attacks”.

Singapore has also been the target of several high profile attacks on government agencies and companies in recent months.

“Singapore has now found itself on someone’s list,” Singapore’s Defence Minister Ng Eng Hen said in July. “The attacks are orchestrated, the attacks are targeted, they want to steal specific information, there are minds behind this orchestration.”

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