A netizen has shared his unhappiness with a female Vietnamese foreign talent who is working in Marina Bay Sands Casino as a dealer.

According to the netizen, he got to know this foreign girl outside the casino during a break as she seemed nice at first.

However, after getting to know her, he realized that she looks down upon Singaporean men like him. She even told him straight in the face that she did not expect him to be “so poor” as he “looked rich”.

She also bragged that her salary (between $4,500 and $4,800 a month) is much higher than most locals and because of that, she has free and easy access all around Singapore. She also claims she enjoys the high life with her white boyfriends, who don’t complain about life so much unlike Singaporeans who do nothing but complain.

The netizen also shared that he and his friends get by with driving for Uber or doing food deliveries. Many of them hold up to 4 side jobs and cannot even match up to her pay.

He wrote: “The last straw came when she broke up with her white BF she started bragging and posting these online. I have since blocked her but Singaporeans ought to know that Locals are really treated like shit here and we get kicked around bullied even by foreigners. Our Orchard and CBD areas are filth invested with rich people partying and having wild parties every night where some streets are even authorized to be roadblocked for parties. The kind of foreigners we attract will really suck us dry and government will never give a f***.”

“We have the type like the couple who bullied our own uncle kopitiam those are the types who suck the lifeblood from Singapore by earning a lot and stingy on giving back. We also have these gold digger types who is more than willing to destroy families, and the crazy types who mess up Singapore in every single way possible.”

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