I wrote a feedback on 21 September 2017 to WSG careers regarding the jobsbank.gov website as I got fed up with the lack of response from my job applications.

To date for about past 8 months and beyond, I have sent in about more than 60 job applications on the jobsbank.gov website alone. Jobs that are relevant to my education level, skill sets and experience. But looking at my application status now, so many of the ads to which I responded seem to be coming across as not being genuine. If there are any Singaporeans out there who are having similar experience as me with regard to their job applications through jobsbank.gov, I encourage you to come forward. If the jobsbank.gov site is just a wayang and waste of tax payer money, it must be exposed, disposed and replaced! My feedback was written as follows

Dear Sir/Madam,

Possible Dubious/Fake Job Ads on Jobsbank

Employers or agencies advertising job vacancies on jobsbank.gov.sg, need to be advised to update candidates’ application status.

Based on my own record of job applications, some of the ads seem to be dubious as there is no update on the application status even after ONE YEAR or even after the closing date stated on the ad page had passed. There are 4 types of of a job application status as categorised in the Jobsbank website:

1. Received
2. Under Review
3. Successful
4. Unsuccessful

As per my own application records, there is a large majority that shows to have NOT PASSED the “Received” status which leads me to surmise that the respective advertiser is not even reading my application (CV/Resume).

If there is a possibility that certain job ads are being posted on jobsbank just to make up numbers or reflect false figures on local job vacancies, the team managing the jobsbank site should look into tackling it immediately. Else this is just another waste of government resources. Leaning on the assumption that the veracity of a government-related agency is unquestionable, the team assigned to manage the site should also post statistics on the applications. Namely, job application success rates and other information to promote the integrity and validity of the website. In other words, we need to see tangible Continuous Improvement on this avenue provided by the government for Singaporean jobseekers.

Thanks and best regards

A.S.S. Contributor

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