A netizen has shared how her Singaporean husband cheated on her with a female Muay Thai fighter and even cheated her of money she borrowed from her family and friends before disappearing with his new mistress!

According to the victim, the husband met a female Muay Thai fighter and began having a “secret affair” with her which started at the beginning of this year. She started to suspect something was wrong when he kept spending nights out drinking with the woman.

She later found evidence of his cheating when she looked into his credit card bills and decided to leave him.

Her husband however persuaded her to stay and even convinced her to lend him some money to pay off his debts, which he claims are for his bills and car loan.

Worried about her family and not wanting her husband to become a bankrupt, she borrowed money from her friends and family to help him, but little did she know that he would later run away with her money and tell her that both of them needed a cooling off period to decide whether to continue this marriage.

To make things worse, she later discovered that her cheating husband had even cheated his own mother of a sum of money and was busy wasting it on his new mistress.

The wife wrote: “Right now, I just want to move on with my life and my 3 kids. I am in midst of filing divorce and have asked for alimony fees which he refused to pay. I have also filed for personal protection order as he has been threatening to send me death notes when I tried to ask him return us $. I trust in law. If he still comes to harass or threaten me and my 3 kids, I will upload more evidence provided by my PI.”

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