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A baggage handler engaged in a spot of mischief, but ended up swopping the tags on hundreds of bags, sending the luggage to incorrect destinations at Changi Airport. Tay Boon Keh, who worked for industrial equipment supplier Lian Cheng Contracting – a subcontractor of the Changi Airport Group, was eventually charged for 286 counts of mischief.

He was believed to have started his acts of mischief on November 8 last year, when he swopped the baggage tag of a Penang-bound piece of luggage with another bag. The baggage tag had a serial number indicating that the Penang-bound bag was supposed to be transported on a Singapore Airlines flight. It was not made known Tay’s motive for carrying out the acts.

Tay is believed to have subsequently swopped around baggage tags almost every day for three months until this February. These bags were heading to places such as Hong Kong, Manila, London and Perth. Besides Singapore Airlines, they were also supposed to be transported on carriers such as Silkair and Lufthansa.

Changi Airport have subsequently said that this was an isolated case of mischief, even though it was done many times but by the same man.

Rayson Soh

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