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A man who did not want to give his girlfriend proceeds from his business hit upon a genius idea, by cooking up a story to her that he was robbed by four men. Instead, his genius plan backfired when the girlfriend, out of concern for him, called the police emergency line 999 to report the robbery. he was jailed for a week for providing false information to the police.

Irwan Jaffry, 23, ended up having to talk to the police officer who attended his girlfriend’s emergency call, and provided false information to police sergeant Muhammad Khalid Hafiz Elias of Choa Chu Kang Neighbourhood Police Centre. Irwan, who is self-employed, then claimed that he was robbed by four men, and that they had also assaulted him.

SCDF and police personnel were dispatched to check on Irwan and his injuries, and when he was interviewed, he said that he was performing a cash deposit of proceeds from his business at the POSB cash deposit machine at Yew Tee MRT station on April 13 at 9.45pm when he noticed four unknown men behaving strangely near him. After the transaction was done, he said that the four men followed him to a multi-storey carpark near his girlfriend’s home in Choa Chu Kang Crescent. He alleged that they chased him, hit him in the ribs and stole some of the cash in the waist pouch that he was holding. Irwan supposedly escaped when the men were distracted while beating him up.

However, Irwan subsequently confessed during a second interview at Jurong Police Division HQ, where he said that he did not wish to give the proceeds of his business to his girlfriend as she would often asked him for money. After his girlfriend called the police, Irwan felt he had no choice but to continue lying to Sgt Khalid.

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