A netizen has shared this experiences while washing his car late at night during the recently concluded Hungry Ghost Festival.

“I don’t usually post but my 2 spooky experiences during this year 7th month makes me want to do so.

1st Experience
I usually like to wash my car on weekdays during the late night which I done so on a Thursday night.

By the time I finish washing the car and went back home, it was around 1am.

I was about to bath when I switched on the Master Bedroom corridor light and saw my wife fidgeting due to shining light.

I could see her eyes were half opened and called out to her why she was not asleep.

Clearly, she was slightly awake but refused to answer me.
This continued eve when I got into bed to sleep beside her and she die die also ignore me.

The next morning when I asked her why she was pretending to sleep when I knew she wasn’t…her reply spook me….when I switched on the light….she saw me with a shadow behind my back.

The shadow was of a man and there was a child on his shoulder…however she could not see their faces clearly….

My wife can see “things” but she chose not to tell me then as she knows I might freak out!

2nd Experience
Again this happened after I finish washing car in the wee hours of 18th Sept.
I still have work the next morning but didn’t feel like sleeping early.

End up I got home around 1.30am and went to bed in just a short while.
I had a strange dream about my company where I met new colleagues whom I have never seen before…there was even a black guy but my company is Japanese.

In a split second, I suddenly awake but still kept my eyes closed. (later realised that I awake at 3.20am)
I realised the reason I was awake is because I heard footsteps…
Thinking that it may be my wife who had woke up to use the toilet….until I heard my wife snoring pretty loudly beside me as I was facing away from her.

The funny thing is that the footsteps are very loud and clear….I can hear them coming from my wife’s side of the bed and slowly coming to my side…

I was prepared to ignore it until I hear the footsteps going back in the direction of my wife side of the bed….that was when I struggled and managed to pull myself out of bed.

I shouted in English at the direction of the footsteps: “Who are you!!!” and this prompt my wife to jump out of sleep as she thought I had a nightmare.

Lucky nothing bad happened and my wife even advised me not to scold “them” next time.

Today is the 1st of month and going to my in laws SinTua to ask Ji Gong on what the matter is going on….do I have ghosts in my house or what???”

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