Hi All Singapore Stuff,

I have sth to highlight. Lately there is a supplier online shop called Yeah Mall advertising that they are selling Onitsuka Tiger shoes at a discount. It also gives moneyback if it’s not suitable.

My bro and I proceeded with ordering but when the delivery came, it was all wrapped up and we couldn’t see what is inside.

We trusted them and paid the delivery and the cost of the shoes.

Who knows, when we open up the package we realised it was a fake! It was some other brand and not Onitsuka Tiger!

I want u guys to help bring attention to others as they had blocked me in commenting on their post.

Comments from other buyers:

“$70 for a fake pair of onitsuka tiger!!! no order confirmation and suddenly delivery at my doorstep with no order details, asking for money. terrible service and a scam.”

“Please do not buy…It’s not Onitsuka….The Brand is Fashion!!!!!!!!!!!!!SIMPLY FAKED”

“My friend bought a pair of shoes from you guys. He paid a premium because he thought he was buying the real deal. Didn’t expect you guys to send him fake imitation goods. Worst thing is you guys have the cheek to delete all his negative comments about your company and ban him so that he can’t post anymore of the truth on your page. How unethical and under-handed! So, people please beware when dealing with this company!”

Lee KW
A.S.S. Contributor

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