Dear Editor,

I refer to the recent fiasco surrounding the installation of Singapore’s third Indian President which has not gone down well with the people and even had ardent PAP supporters like “Xiaxue” coming out to voice her
discontentment against K. Shanmugam!

The Law Minister had in his FB post, claimed that Singapore is a symbol of “Meritocracy” with a Chinese PM, an Indian CJ and a supposedly ‘Malay’ President. However, has he conveniently forgotten that not too long ago, the people had actually wanted Dr TCB as President and DPM Tharman as PM! Why Tharman cannot become PM is still largely an unanswered question and one that is left to the speculation of the ground.

What is also missing, is actually a Eurasian Speaker to complete the whole equation if the PAP was genuinely serious about “Meritocracy”! Why demote an activist Minister to become Speaker when they can actually appoint MP Joan Pereira as the next Speaker? It is not too healthy a message and development expected of a PAP government that will witness a punishment surpassing the levels of 2011 when the next poll is due in 2020. In the meantime, all eyes will now be on the SDP lawsuit and resurrection of Sylvia Lim’s Presidential debate as a litmus test on whether the rule of Law is still being upheld post LKY. The world is watching and businesses WILL be frightened away if they realize that our Country is run in a similar fashion as the DPRK!

Pat O’Hara
A.S.S. Contributor

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