A father is now on the hunt for 2 boys who bullied his 9 year-old son.

According to the netizen, his 2 sons, ages 9 and 11, were playing at the playground at Aspella estate in Sengkang, near Buangkok MRT.

The 9 year-old boy was suddenly attacked by the boy in grey while being egged on by the boy in yellow. The boy in grey, acting on the instructions of the boy in yellow, punched the 9 year-old child on the back, causing him to fall to the ground and cry.

Before the bullying victim’s mother could arrive to take the boys to task, they both ran away.

The father had this to say: “If you know who these boys are, kindly drop me a PM as I would like to make contact with them, failing which I will be reporting this matter to the police on 19 Sep as I have some video evidence from my 11 year old son’s phone.

“I know that both of them are in Secondary 1, one carries a badminton racket and both ride skateboards.

“Seeking your help so I can get in touch with them or their parents.”

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