Again, the East West line was plagued with train delays this morning. Again, SMRT and LTA failed to announce this on the social media, causing much inconvenience to many commuters.

Crowds could be seen outside Tampines MRT station as people queue to even enter the station, much less take the train.

Some said the waiting times indicated on the panels were not accurate at all, how can liddat?! Still expect people to tahan until 2024?

“If there is a train fault on east side of green line, please announce in advance. It is extremely dishonest and potentially mischevious of you to blank out such news when commuters can seek alternative transport. Nowadays you even have to queue to enter the Tampines mrt station.”

“Pasir Ris. not even letting people onto the platform because of overcrowding…then when we get up to the platform and onto the train it is already half full from people boarding at Tampines and bouncing to get their seats.”

“SMRT staff, while trying to manage passenger flow, lied on the PA system staying there is no train services (and no shuttle arranged). So some ppl left. Then quietly opened 2 gantrys. Many ppl are late or paying hefty amounts to get to work. Transport industry, especially one of SMRT, needs to be responsible! Don’t Lie about things.”

What’s going on?

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