A netizen has formed an alternative transport group to help Singaporeans find alternative transport in the event of a likely public transport breakdown.

Read his description here.

“Hi Guys,

This is coming from someone who rarely use SMRT for my daily commute to work (easy for me to ignore this issue since I am not really affected) but I feel that we can still do much more as individuals/ citizens to help one another, rather than spread anger/ frustrations over cyberspace.

I invite you to coome join our support group as we help one another plan for alternate route to work/ school and to better handle the SMRT congestion & breakdowns:


The Alternate Transport Advisory & Singapore Magnificent Rescue Team.


1. To help SMRT Train Commuters plan alternate routes as part of their contingency plans for major events should train service breaks down or to avoid congestion in their daily commute to work/ school.

2. To create a readily voluntarily rescue team of drivers who can provide free rides in major breakdown, esp to students who are running late for their exams, or to encourage car/ cab pool among commuters who are able to hail a cab.

3. Create awareness of disrupted service real time so others can be alerted and avoid these stations (just like how we are alerted to traffic jams) and use their alternate routes.

4. For members to ask questions on how to plan routes and for members to share useful info, advise on their experiences in using alternate routes and services, e.g. bike sharing.

5. Give encouragement & positive vibes to those who are frustrated and angry from having to squeeze in crowded trains everyday or those who are stuck in faulty trains.

My comment : instead everyone complaining why not look for another alternative ways to work things out?

We don’t have to always rely on our governments etc. Everyone is paying taxes but how many of us actually picks up the litter we see on the ground? (I’m sure most of us not thus the tax are also contributed to those road cleaners) When things happen we should not criticise at anyone, do you actually appreciate what we have today?

Be a proud Singaporeans .”

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