A man was allegedly caught peeing in the bus and later threatened the person who took a video of his inconsiderate act.

The incident took place at about 7PM on a bus travelling towards Toa Payoh Bus Interchange.

According to the video taker, the man had peed on the floor without the use of a plastic bag, causing the foul smelling liquid to flow all over the floor.

After realizing that he had been caught, he quickly fumbled with his zipper and made a rude gesture at the video taker, threatening to “smack” the video taker’s face and **** his mother.

The man tried to get into a fight with the video taker but later left in defeat after the video taker showed he was firm and insistent on not deleting the video.

He wrote: “I personally think that this kind of behaviour should not be tolerated. He left soon after I insisted that I didn’t want to delete the video.”

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