SPCA, is this acceptable for leaving an old and weak dog on the grass under the sun? Resident who took the video went down to scold the owner. According to owner, she’s leaving the dog there for “drying”

2 days ago, she was seen leaving the dog on the grass as well. The dog was seen falling onto the ground due to weak legs. She didn’t bother and left the dog as it is.

She even lifted up the dog by grabbing all 4 legs .

Report has been made to SPCA. Awaiting SPCA’s reply.

Update: Spca officer already went down and checked on the dog this morning. No injuries found on him.

They spoke to the lady who is the helper. The dog is already very old and weak. They can’t leave the dog under the sun, moreover out of sight from owner/caregiver. They told the helper not to do that again.

The officer will speak to the owner.

have spoken to SPCA officer and communicated with the dog’s groomer and understand that the lady in video is not the owner. Might be the helper. The owner take good care of the dog and did send to vet. The old dog can’t stand and lift up his head. The groomer will inform the owner about this. SPCA will investigate and speak to the owner.

The recent hot sun can cause dehydration and sunburn or even heat stroke to the old dog. The grabbing of a dog by its four legs is already a wrong way to handle , let alone an old and weak dog.

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