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The family of the student who was killed when a goalpost fell on him during PE lesson, are still struggling to cope with his accident and to find closure, even almost five months since the tragic accident. 12-year-old Muhammad Hambali Sumathi had swung on the goalpost during a football game when it fell and hit him on the head. He succumbed to his injuries

Hambali’s 54 year old father is still mourning his son’s death, visiting his grave about twice a week. His half-sister, local singing celebrity Sarah Aqilah, also said that in the two to three months after his death, his school mates still continued to send phone text messages to his mobile phone, and also posted messages on Instagram in remembrance of him. Ms Sarah said that at first, she replied to all the messages, but eventually had to stop because she could not take the sadness of missing him anymore.

Hambali’s family are also seeking legal advice and thinking of taking possible civil action against his school, as they felt that there are still unanswered questions such as why the goalpost was left near the school field if it was not in use.

Ms Sarah said that she had met the school principal, a day after Hambali’s funeral, when the principal handed the family about S$9,000 that were donated by students and their parents. She added: “We felt that (the school was) quite reluctant to answer most of our questions.”

Azman Danial

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