There are those who openly supports the President-elect and we should respect their decisions, and i am most grateful to know that they have the integrity not to deny nor discredit others for exercising their own right to express anger at their perceived manipulations done to the Presidential election and its processes.

The mark of a democracy is to allow differing opinions argued, reasoned and debated. The issue of race was absent until the PAP government by choice decided to make it one for the PE. They opened the pandora box that for a long time they said was taboo and must not be opened.

There surely have been racist remarks made on this hot button issue. It would be naive for us not to expect it. However, the market place of public opinion is actually enough to castigate any unsavoury below the belt racist overtones from all sides. They are minority vitriols and will not outlast the more rational objective views and should just be ignored.

Let us not forget what the real issue is. It is the hasty ways taken by this PAP government to amend the laws and constitution. Designating a race based exclusion clause justified by the introduction of an out of place issue of racial equality brought in from out of the blue.

Race issues are best addressed fairly and honestly through other more effective and doable mechanism which have been ignored for the last 52 years on purpose by the PAP government to serve their political interest.

There are those who questions the intentions of the HL protest organiser highlighting so-called double standards.

It is unfair and misleading to highlight a list of prevalent racist policies of the past and present PAP government, and then accuse the Organisers and protestors of this reserved PE for it. The evidence for blaming them of collusion with the PAP for those racist government policies was the absent of any protest against it in the past.

The absence of protest for the laundry list of racist policies is best answered by the PAP government. The community most affected by those racist policies should be in the forefront of fighting against those policies. We Malays never protested openly. Why? Why are we expecting the Chinese to do that for us?

Anyway, when was this issue allowed to be openly debated let alone protested? Why were the Malay PAP leaders silent in the public front all this years and conveniently disappeared from scrutiny by hiding behind lame excuses of having raised their ‘displeasure’ in private to their own PAP government. And for all their close door efforts this last 52 years, what did the community get? Those policies remained and none have changed.

So let us not be easily manipulated by the PAP government again as the source of this double standard complaint apparently came from a FB post of a former PAP Malay MP of certain stature.

This is the same old hypocritical game they play from the same filthy script that sows division and discord serving us the people with peanuts and scraps to fight over while they make away with the main dish and laugh at us the people.

We are better than this Singapore. Let us call them out as the minority racist they are and we the majority non-racist Singaporean now no longer will tolerate them.

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