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Teh Australian man, who had turned violent when involved in a drunken scuffle with police officers at Changi Ariport, have had his jail term extended to another two more months, after the prosecution asked for a stiffer sentence.

Jason Peter Darragh, 44, was originally due for a release in three days’ time. Darragh, who was in Changi Airport on transit to the Philippines at the time of the offence, had been drunk and resisted arrest. He was initially sentenced by a district court last month to a prison term of six months and two weeks, backdated to May 13, when he was remanded in custody.

In the incident, Darragh, who was highly intoxicated, had six policemen to finally arrest him. After he was released on police bail, Darragh continued drinking and offending. On April 21, he caused annoyance to the public when drunk near Clarke Quay. And on April 26, he was found drunk at Orchard Towers and taken to hospital because of an injured leg. There, he verbally abused a police officer who was escorting him. On May 1, he was drunk yet again, causing annoyance to the public near Clarke Quay.

On Tuesday, Deputy Public Prosecutor Tan Wen Hsien argued that the original jail term was manifestly inadequate, given the degree of “defiance and audacity” displayed by Darragh.

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