The 39 year-old woman who fell off an escalator at Queenstown MRT on Saturday has explained what really happened during the incident and expressed her thanks to her rescuers.

Contrary to popular speculation, the woman had not been playing with her phone before she fell down the escalator.

She claims she was trying to pick up a wet umbrella which had fallen onto the steps of the escalator, but lost her balance and fell backwards.

She rolled down 2 steps before coming to a halt, knocking the back of her head in the process. After the fall, she was in a daze and was unable to speak, but she reminders a woman supporting her from behind to prevent her from going down further and a man who stopped the escalator by pressing the emergency button.

She later lost consciousness and awoke in hospital, still in a confused state.

Doctors are treating her for abrasions on her right leg. She did not suffer significant head injuries.

She also has these words for her rescuers: “I am really grateful to the two kind souls who helped me.”

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