I’m a 35 years old working as a engineer, my mother suffered from nose cancer stage 3 & need to be hospitalized & I have to find money for her.

First, I went to look for Licensed MoneyLender because I read through website stating that their interest is capped at 4% per month & with a admin fee of 10%. After that, lack of money for my mum surgery, I went to few other Moneylenders and started borrowing until a sum of $28000.

Finally after 3 months, I can’t manage to pay the debts I owe, my friend told me not to worry about it, someone will be there to help me so heintroduced me to ‘Blessed XXXXX Social Service’ , a guy name Billy.

Two days later, I took half day off & went over filling with hope, when I reached, I explained to him my situation & my mum condition. He asked me how many outstanding loan amount you have outside with Licensed Moneylender & bank, I told him I only have debts with Licensed Moneylender which is around a sum of $28000. He ask me how about my monthly income, I told him $3.2k.

Next thing he told me was ‘ Mr Teo, you still pay them for what? I help you file bankruptcy, meanwhile your handphone all switch off, just ignore those moneylenders’. To me, I was shocked, I need a helping hand. I owe money I pay money, just that I hope I can pay slowly by installment plans. If I intend to go bankruptcy, why will I even bother to look for them to help me!!! If I listen to what he said, the debt collectors will start calling my office if they can’t find me through phone, ended up I will be losing my job.

I am a Christian, but I believe my Lord will never ask me to run away from debts I owe & file for bankruptcy!! WELL DONE! To you Billy, you look like a saint to everyone, but actually, you’re a evil person. No one wants to be a bankruptcy.

Mr Teo
A.S.S. Contributor

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