I always rate Uber drivers 5-star if possible, and at the very worst 4-star, because I know it affects their job and for some it’s their ricebowl.

But today my own rating abruptly plunged from 4.92 to 4.75 and Uber does not allow viewing of individual feedback so how would I know which driver I inadvertently annoyed, or how to be a better rider in the future? Seems pretty meaningless to have an abstract system like this when people may be taking more than one ride in a day.

In my case any of the three I encountered this morning could have been the passive-aggressive guy who wrecked my rating afterwards:

1. Guy who was not happy I asked why he didn’t take the (toll-free) expressway to the train station – which is the route every other Uber driver took before this – instead of the congested road with multiple traffic lights.

2. Elderly retiree who kept driving slowly, missing green lights and braking hard, all the while complaining that he doesn’t do this for money and is “just providing a service to ordinary people”.

3. Posh-looking lady who seemed passive-aggressive annoyed I was riding for free on promo code to the nearby train station (“take bus very difficult hor?”). Wanted to drive off without even ending the ride to see if the fare was really $0.

Best part is I actually rated all of these people 5 stars before I noticed my own rating had been given a slamdown.

Now I wonder if my reduced rating will affect my ability to secure Uber rides and/or promo codes in the future.

This post first appeared on NUS Whispers.

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