A stretch of pavement between Lucky Plaza and a private clinic adjacent to Mount Elizabeth Hospital Orchard has become a makeshift, illegal market dealing with all manner of goods, from second hand bags, clothes to services like hair styling and manicures.

Their activities have gone on for so long, business owners nearby malls have lodged complaints about these vendors, who may charge up to 50% less than regular brick and mortar shops located within the expensive retail district.

Some service providers were even seen charging $5 for a hair styling session, or $10 for a manicure.

These illegal stalls do not pay any rent, which drastically reduces overhead costs for these vendors.

A retailer told reporters that they had made repeated reports to the authorities and had even taken the matter up with the management of their mall, but to little avail. The stalls continue to be set up on a regular basis, which eats into business profits as their customers, mainly foreign domestic workers, flock to these cheaper, unlawful alternatives.

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