Li Jie Construction, a main contractor firm that is in-charge of several upgrading projects for the Housing & Development Board (HDB) and a town council has gotten into trouble for not paying its sub-contractors for seven projects.

This comes after a meeting between reporters and the sub-contractors and their debt collection agency.

According to a news report, Li Jie Construction’s management have gone missing in action since the start of this month.

This despite a successful adjudication application by one of the sub-contractors with the Building and Construction Industry Security of Payment Act, which ruled that Li Jie would have to pay the sub-contractor over $200,000 for work done.

Police reports have been lodged, with a police spokesperson confirming that they are looking into the matter.

One sub-contractor related how Li Jie director Joel Yang first told him that HDB had not paid the company, which resulted in the company being unable to pay him on time.

The HDB has responded by denying such claims from Li Jie. The statutory board said that it has made prompt and full payment” to Li Jie for all the works and there is currently no outstanding payment due to Li Jie.

Reporters who staked out Li Jie’s office and its registered director, Mr Dai Jianfa’s, home address were informed that both premises had been empty for weeks.

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