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Hi everyone. A car reverse into mine under block 708 Clementi West Street 2 today (17 September 2017) and sped away without stopping to check for damages or even leaving a note. This resulted in a badly damaged front bumper and sensors. I have lodged a police report and I am trying to track down the car and its driver. This was what happened:

I was parked under block 708 Clementi West Street 2 at about 8:45 PM on 17/09/17. My engines were off and my hazard light turned ON while waiting for someone. I was using my phone in the car when I was startled by a loud bang and my car shaking. Startled, I looked up and saw the back of a black/very dark purple car speeding away from me. I only managed to catch the last 5 digits of the car plate – XXX7081C. The car was a hatchback and displayed a ‘P’ plate sign.

If you know anyone with a car fitting any part of this description, or if this is your car – please let me know. Or, if your car was parked in the carpark around block 708 Clementi West Street 2 around that time and have an overnight dash cam, I would really appreciate if you could contact me and share with me the video recorded by your car near that time period.

The driver of the car was extremely irresponsible and must be taken to task. Given the impact on my car, there is no excuse that the driver would not be aware. This is a case where the driver just could not be bothered to own up to his mistake, and thought he could get away. If we can track him down, it would definitely send a warning to hit-and-run hopefuls to stop their disgusting behaviour.

With a heavy heart, I decided to go back to the crime scene to try my luck for the third time to see if I can find the car. Just when I was about to give up, the car was parked right there in front of my eyes. Shall let the police handle this. Will update you guys!

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