Dear Editor,

I have had to purchase stuffs for my 84 year old mother due to her frailty with mobile issues and was shocked to have received extremely poor customer service at Watsons Bugis Junction.

Can you believe this? When my younger sister was watching over mum at the Fountain Terrace below while I did the toiletries shopping, the manager at the sales counter demanded that I wheel my mum up for sight or else they will refuse to allow usage of her elderly card! Can they not understand that most of the seniors they issue their lousy card to, have health or other physical issues? They then backed down a little but still demanded that my mum “issue” a letter of undertaking allowing me to buy things on her behalf at all Watsons stores and thumbprint it if she cannot sign!

I can’t believe the moronic levels Watsons sales staffs have descended into so I left the items and went to Guardian to purchase them instead. And guess what? I did not encounter a single issue there when I utilised my mum’s card and staffs there were so much humble than the arrogant ones at Watsons. Whatever happened to the “GEMS” customer initiative by Lim Swee Say?

Doreen Lim

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