I am proud that Singaporeans could protest against an issue that is race-related peacefully and calmly yesterday. We broke a few barriers too having conducted a silent sit-in protest for the first time ever in peace-time history and more significantly gathered amass for an event that has a race issue.

There were fortunately no incidents which warrant the need for intervention by the organisers or police. As organisers, our biggest fear is the crowd control part as anything and everything can go seriously wrong and it only takes one cracko guy to spoil the whole show.

It takes alot of guts and conviction to organise such a race-laced event and we are proud to have pulled it off successfully. We also thank the authorities for not stepping in at the last-minute to ban the event of which it will be a crying shame.

Many people have warned me about staging such an event as we were brought back to the 1960s’ riots whereby race was a key factor for the loss of lives back then. Having a protest on the Reserved Presidential Election may bring back similar precedence.

We have learn to live in harmony together for the past five decades after independence and clearly multiculturism has always being a successful hallmark of our society. When I see a person I don’t really see him first as a Malay, Indian, Eurasian or Chinese but whether we can get along or click as friends.

Alot of our RenoHelp voluntary charity group volunteers are from different races and we work well together and I like it this way as we should help the needy without the need to look at their race. My inner core team has two Muslims and an Indian in it – talk about a solid multi-racial setup!

Of course, we will always respect and abide by the rules of the authorities to apply for an additional police permit while organising events in future that have race or religion connotation but perhaps the government should now grow up and not let the past affects how it functions in the present era.

Dragging out the past and implement rules so that it won’t happen again is not a sign of progress but it actually impedes the country from moving forward. The government ought to trust the people more than always viewing them from the lens of the 1960s when it comes to any incident that involves the race issue.

Once again, we reiterate that we are not against the race of the President but rather the whole democratic process of the Reserved Presidential Election.

Many have ask me whether we will be ready for a Indian or Malay Prime Minister – my reply to them is why not if the person is capable and ready to serve the country whole-heartedly.

Race has no barrier at all…

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